Bible Studies For Life

BSFLBIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFE is a study of the Bible to know what God says about life.  It is a study of God’s Word to see how our faith connects to life.  It is a study, “not merely for information but transformation.” 

Our desire at Providence is to grow strong and healthy small groups through our Sunday School.  These small groups are essential to living in a faith community.  The small groups promote fellowship and caring, much prayer, evangelism and ministry, and interactive Bible study which is so important for growing disciples.  Our Sunday School helps make healthy Christians which makes for a healthy church.  We are striving to have everyone connected to our small groups; we desire for no one to be disconnected and adrift.

At Providence, we are seeking to live out “Practical Christianity.”  This means being equipped to live out our faith (put it into practice) in all areas of life:  in our walk with our Lord, in our marriages, in our families, in the church family, in the workplace and in the marketplace, in our schools, and in the culture.  If our faith does not work in these places, in real life, then is it a real faith at all?  We believe that interactive Bible study with other believers is essential to “Practical Christianity.”

  • We begin our Bible Study each Sunday at 9:00 a.m.  (Check our Service Times)
  • Worship is at 10:30 a.m. and it is our major celebration for the Providence church family; the joyous celebration of God!  
  • Come and invite friends and family.
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